External nvidia question

I know, this is maybe not a right place. but a lot of you guys is quite technicly well oriented. I have an old mac Pro (late2013) I was running on it an assistFlame. there is a 12core procesor and 64GB ram but an AMD card and I would like to upgrade it to run some 3d apps on it. I was thinking about adding an external nvidia. Any one from you knows anything about it? will it help / work / what to choose?

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On mac you locked to AMD cards (at least as of today).

Worth it or not - depends on app you will use. A friend of mine use Resolve on his macPro 2013 with external Radeon 5700xt in Acitio thunderbolt enclosure (2-3 times faster than internal D500). Flame should also work if you wire all your monitors to external card.

Controversial, but would an M1 Mac Mini make more sense?

i would like to play with VDBclouds on cinema4 for example but for this I need an gpu card. that’s why i was thinking about an egpu

would it be possible on M1 you think?

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Whilst I don’t know if that particular app will benefit of it, my anecdotal evidence is external GPUs on older hardware typically yield less than special improvements.

I was reading M1 macs don’t support egpu currently, but that could obviously change down the road.

You could always run boot camp, installl windows, and use any Nvidia egpu you want.

that seems as a good solution :grinning: :+1: