Someone put alot of results in my f4 shortcut

Screenshot 2021-07-22 153447

Someone put alot of results in my F4 shortcut, how i take then off?

It’s a toggle between all the Outputs you have in Action.

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As @randy says don’t worry. It cycles through those the more times you press F4.

If you really want to customise your hot keys there is an option down in your preferences.

CTL+ALT + F8 will also get you there ( I think)

i opened a new bfx, no actions

New bfx. No actions. No problem

F4 will cycle through multiple output results. Autodesk designed it like this.

problem solved i just restarted the machine, maybe was just a bug

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Ah. All good. I honestly thought that it was the default setup.

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