Fade-in fade-out of text (on segents of a "diashow")

Hello forum,

selected a segment → collapsed view → TX FX-Ribbon → goto Effect → typed text (different text to each segment)

Between all segements there is a Dissolve. But between the segemnts, two texts (belonging to different segments) are shown for a limited period together… This does not look totally ugly but not at all nice :frowning:

I don’t know if such a fade-in and fade-out “retarder” for text can be made with a Comp node (FX-Ribbon) e.g. by switching on Auto Key (from frame x to frame y ) and changing the transparency …

How would you do that?

Thank you!



PS 1:
right-clicked all single shots of the Reel → Splice Selected → then clicked on another Sequences-Reel to make a single clip of all the frames

PS 2:
Hopefully I will soon be able to make text effects in Action or Batch :slight_smile:

You just need to put a blank single frame between the text segments if you want them to fade out and back in instead of dissolving from one to the next.

Thank’s for the suggestion! I tried to find an option “insert” in “Collapsed View” (Sequences Reel) and beetween the segments in Timeline.There is the option “Import”, but I dont have any idea where to take a blank single frame from :frowning:
It seems that I do not really understand what you suggested.

Thank you for the clarification!


or put them on separate layers

Do you mean adding an additional track (on all segments) with a Text Timeline FX ?
And what do you mean by “or put them on separate layers”?

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Yes, thats what he means. As in, do your text effects on a gap ABOVE or BELOW its neighbor. This way you have a smidge more contro land your dissolves in and out dont need to mingle with each other, causing a few frames of them appearing ‘together’ as you mentioned.


Tim, anytime you post a timeline screen-cap with legal you need to accompany it with a trigger warning :warning:

The bright purple colour isn’t enough?

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Thank’s a lot for the continued help. The screenshots did help me very much to understand
what’s going on and how it should look like :slight_smile:

But I have no clue how the pink text segments(labled legend) or on the other screenshot the
segments (labled text01) ) are made…

Any additional help is appreciated very much!


The only place where I can type text is directly on the segments (consisting on ~ 50 stills) of Track 1
and of course segements from Track 1 can be copied to other Tracks.

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Hi Joe99,

I hope this video will help you out. :slight_smile:

On the timeline, Flame follows the Gap and Clip concept. Both can be cut. Clips are, well, clips. A Gap is a random edited space on the TL that you can edit (shortcut x), move around, add TL Effects or drag down off the UI to delete. Text is a TL-Effect that can be applied to a Gap as any other TL-Effect. Depending on the Comp button they can work as adjustment layers or comp with each other. When right-clicking a Gap, you can also adjust the colour space and give the Gap a colour (that’s what Tim did in purple). RGBA and Comp should be selected when working with Text in Gaps.


Wow, thanks to each of you! I would not have been able to find out how to do it without your help :slight_smile:


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