Adding dissolve after splice selected


would like to add a dissolve between segements, but it’s not working (anymore) :frowning:

What am i doing wrong?

Thank you!

You’ve got no heads or tails to dissolve into. You need to shorten one of your clips first so there’s material to dissolve.


Thank you for the feedback!

Is that done with Ripple, for the case, only some few dissolves should be added?

Sorry, I don’t quite understand what you’re asking.

The heads and tails values for your segments seem to be 0. In order for dissolves to work you need handles, you can use alt-E to go into edit mode and turn on ripple mode so you can trim your segments. To have 10 frames of dissolve you need 10 frames of handles…

Good to know this with the 10 frames:) Thank you!

Hard to believe, but I am still unable to place a Dissolve (Dissolve button besides TL FX is greyed out) What am i doing wrong?

Seems you have only 5 frames of handles. And you might need to select the cut point to be able to add a dissolve.
The TLFX being greyed out, can’t say. I would try using right-click to “open as sequence” and then select a segment to add tlfx.

You need to select the transition - ie the area between the two clips. Currently you’ve just got a clip selected.

Wow… now everything looks much better :slight_smile: Thank you!

Is it possible to add such handles to the selected segment as well numerically? And if possible, to change the number of handles afterwards?

PS 1:
If possible, without introducing gaps between the segments.

PS 2:
I am using a Mac

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Don’t think me rude Joe but you could probably do with watching a few tutorials on editing in flame - this one is fairly recent.


Thank’s for the link to this very useful tut!

Adding handles gesturally to many segments is not so comfortable and productive…
Therefore I am wondering if there is a way to add handles to the selected segment numerically?


Thank’s a lot!

Select the tail end of your segment, it should turn yellow when ripple is on, and red when ripple is off. On the numeric pad press + then required number of frames. Same applies for the head. Practice with them about their behaviour. +/- trims them in/out differently

You can also use the “Select Outgoing Side of Segment” command (also works for Incoming) for all the clips in a timeline. It’s in the Keyboard Shortcuts and really useful for adding a fixed number of handles to a LOT of clips - or whatever clips you select in the timeline.

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Adding additional frames to all segments of a single track does work. Thank’s for your help :slight_smile:

But still struggling with the handles. The final goal is to:

  • adding/reducing handles numerically of a selected segment
  • adding/reducing handles numerically of all selected segments

Is something wrong with my Trim handles (pls see attachments)?

The first image looks like you’re ready to trim. The OUTGOING sides of all the segments on Track1 are selected, and the next thing to do is just enter a number in the keypad (start with a minus to subtract) and all the trim points will move that many frames.

If you need to also do the clip on Track2, you can do the same operation separately or you can shift+click on the outgoing side of that clip too and it’ll select that.

Because all your clips have no handles (the number at the end is 0 (zero)), you can’t add any more frames. But you can subtract.

Thank’s fot the continued help. Nevertheless there is still a questionmark…

Why is the postition of the Trim Handler so important?

Command+Left(arrow) = Trim Handler is now on the right side of the segment
+2 = adds frames (segment becomes longer and number of Handles are reduced) ???


Command+Right(arrow) = Trim Handler is now on the left side of the segment
+2 = remove frames (segment becomes shorter and number of Handles are enreased) ???

That’s cool! Not sure why it’s adding/subtracting two frames… but remember that one, it might come in handy one day!

Once you’ve got the outgoing edge selected, either use the number pad to add/subtract a specific number of frames OR the period/comma keys to advance/subtract one frame at a time.

Aaand… let’s continue this on Discord, I’ll show you how to get this sorted. We can share screens there and make sure you have a clear understanding so you can work!


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Wow that’s a great offer Josh:) Thank you!. After checking your website I do know to whom I am speaking :slight_smile:

Is it ok for you if we can postpone this Discord session, because would like to collect some more tails- and handles-questions in order to be able to ask you more precisely afterwards? Thank’s!

One very big challenge with such online tutoring sessions for me as a beginner is the reproduceability of the learnings after some days…