Dissolves: why content of segment1 is blended to segment2


why is the content of segment 1 blended over to segment 2 (segment2 is intended for adding/typing text on “Black” (New → Colours Source → Black → Duration=70)?

Thank’s for your help!

Screen-recording (available till 13.10.2023)

because you are using a fade. It will always fade between two adjoining clips - you can choose if the fade start/ends on the edit or pick a custom point, but it will always blend between the two.

you have the option to pick from transition or to transition on the toolbar

Thank’s fot the feedback! Is this the toolbar you are referring to?


Thank’s for the help! OK I see, have to find an other way for crafting nice transitions/dissolves between the shots/photos…

Do you have an idea, how to make a similar transition win Flame?
Pls see attachment.

For solving the challenge with the text-fadein/fadeout, I will post an other thread

i don’t understand your problem. I have re-read your question several times and its clear as mud what you are trying to achieve.

What has adding text got to do with using a fade? If you want the text to appear after the fade there are plenty of ways to do this…such as having the type of a gapfx layer and startign at a different time, or animating the opacity of the text applied to the black segment.

For the case I would like to have the gapfx-segment the same length as the V1.1 segment/track, can “starting at a different time” be done in TL Text FX (2D Text)?

Thank’s a lot!

At the moment this little training project is entirely done in Timeline.

thre beauty of flame is its flexibility - use as many tracks as you need - offset some to get the timings you need. Use blending modes in the comp settings to change how one layer effects another.

Use one gap fx for your black, then put another above with just the text node, then you can move it wherever you want without it upsetting the layers below

showing my age here…suppose one way to think of it is the video and black sources are solid paper, and the text node on the gap fx is an overhead acetate (ie, its see through apart from the words). You can move the acetate back and forth along the timeline without it blocking whats below

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That works often fine :slight_smile: But if you have to trim each segment which contains text/type manually and you need to change e.g. the number of handles afterwards, the text segement on top is out of sync with the Black segment, even if you activate the yello arrows (locks?) pointing to the right side :frowning:

Therefore I would really like the text-segment and the “Black”-segment to have the same length.

Hoped to be able to keyframe (with AutoKey) text in the 2D textmodule of Flame 2021, but was unable to do so… (the keyframes did not even appear in the time-bar)

Is this not the right and recommded approach do to?

Thank’s in advance!

In that case keyframe your transparency settings for the Text.

->In that case keyframe your transparency settings for the Text.
Can this be done in the Animation Editor of Flame 2023 or in the 2D textmodule of Flame 2021 as well?

This way uses the Transparency settings in the Comp BFX tab

Here its the Text nodes own Transparency settings in the Animation page within Text

and here, its using a Timeline Dissolve but because there is no other colour source applied to the Gap Layer, then you are free to move the text along the timeline without it affecting the fades/transitions happening on the layers below.

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Thank you very much for the continued help and the helpful screenshot. Without them, I hat not chance to understand!

It took some time till I started to realize that this are two different solutions and and that they should be used independently from the other :slight_smile:

My idea is that the approach with the keyframes and Animation Editor (screenshot 1 and 2) gives more freedom. Is this the case?

Simple example: text FadeIn: 1 sec - text 100%: 2 sec - text FadeOut: 1 sec

Thank you.

not a problem, Joe!

thing with Flame is there are lots of ways to achieve what you want, its just a matter of picking the method that works for you.

If you find a method gives you more freedon, then you are free to use that.

I was merely pointing out a few ways i know to do the fades - which i would use would depend on what else i’m wanting to do.

Flame allows you the flexibility to do almost anything, you just need to spend time practicing with it.