Adding dissolve between segments with infinite numbers of frames

Is there a way to add a Dissolve between segments with infinite numbers of frames?


Looks like your sequence is only 2 frames long. You will need to extend the segements to the required length then apply the dissolve.

Thank’s for the feedback! Forget to mention that my footage consists on single shots (tiff) only.

Since I would like to keep maximum flexibility when it comes to the number of tails and in addition, to keep the project-size as litte as possible, my idea was that the best approach to achieve this, is to import the footage as virtual segments. (aren’t virtual segments infinite, hence, arcterisks/stars?

Because I was unable to find much informations about “virtual import”, I set FRM=1 (see attachment) and after seeing the stars on both side of each segments I believed, everything is ok…

But this way, I was unable to add tails at the incoming- and outgoind side of the segments and therefore could not add/insert Dissolves :frowning:

What is the right approach to import single shots as virutal segments?

Thank’s in advance!

it doesn’t matter whether you import a frame as 1 frame or with a higher media duration, it still is put on the framestore as 1 frame.

Even if the head/tails are infinite, the inbetween dissolve needs 2 clips in the timeline to be at least as long as the dissolve over it. So you need to extend the clips inside timeline manually first, the dissolve 2nd, like Ben mentioned; or you use a longer still duration during export.

Therefore there is no one right way. You can always check with the Clipinfo in Flame, if your clip has a source timecode or is a “virtual” frame after the S:

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Try using a plain Timewarp fix. Leave it at 100% speed and you should have infinitive handles.


good to know that! Is this the case as well, if the still duratioin is defined during import, or does in this case every additional frame consume space on the Flamestore?

Stills only take up one frame on storage.

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Very good to know that. Thank you!