Fake a Broadcast Monitor for Streaming

Does the dual monitor mess up your mouse/tablet mapping? Is half of the wacom for one monitor and the other half for the second monitor?

There’s a hot key for toggling the mapping from one screen to dual and back although honestly I haven’t used dual monitors for interface in a long time. Dual mapping isn’t for everyone…

Linux or macOS? Is that toggle hotkey a Flame setting or a system/wacom driver feature? Thanks @cnoellert !

The hotkey I’m referring to is from within Flame and on Linux. I’ve never tested on Mac.

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The hot key is a wacom preference setting. I use it all the time on my Mac Pro 2019. I have two monitors but only use one monitor for the flame GUI. The other one has my mail and what not.

Ill turn on the hot key when I’m working in flame. IT will map the entire single Monitor to the Wacom. It works well for me.


For what it’s worth, here’s what I’ve done, all for the cost of one (1) HDMI cable:

—Plugged the HDMI out from my trashcan into the HDMI in of my monitor.
—Set the HDMI “monitor” (really just input 2) res to 1920x1080
—Set my wacom settings to ignore the second monitor entirely.
—Set flame’s broadcast monitor setting to use the HDMI out as the broadcast monitor.

So while I have to change inputs to see what the monitor output is (which is not something I care about), it’s been great for OBS and Zoom stuff, where I can just send the output of that second monitor and it behaves like an in-suite client monitor would, with no GUI making the clip all tiny.