Flame on M1 Ultra previews on wrong monitor

I’m running Flame 2023.3 on an M1 Ultra, MacOS Monterey.

We have a primary display, a secondary display, and a broadcast monitor. Flame is sending the preview signal to the secondary display, via a Blackmagic Ultrastudio 4K mini, instead of the broadcast monitor.

I’ve checked other programs (Resolve, Premiere), and they are getting the correct signal from Blackmagic. It’s just Flame that’s wrong. I’ve tried updating Flame and reinstalling desktop video.

I think it has something to do with the ‘Preview’ settings in Flame Setup, but I’ve played around with no luck. Does anyone have any ideas?

i’m puzzled why the Ultrastudio is connected to the secondary monitor - surely it should be connected to the broadcast monitor?

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however, if you are connected correctly, when you look at the broadcast monitor preferences in Flame, it could be the button “Viewport Monitor” that is the problem.

If its on, then the broadcast monitor will mirror whichever viewport you are actively working in. If it is switched off, you will either see the preview output on the brodcast monitor, or you can choose to view specific outputs by selecting the Broadcast Toolbar - which appears as a small box in the top right corner of the primary screen when using Batch or BFX. Select the toolbar then use the selector on the left side of the main toolbar to pick what output you want to assign to the broadcast monitor.

I would echo the viewport config. It wouldn’t be possibly for your BMD to send to the 2nd display, but what you likely saw the default software preview on the 2nd display, and the workspace on the broadcast which happens if you’re still on a 1-up view.

I just installed 2023.3 on a MacStudio last night, that’s exactly what happened until I changed the defaults around.