Find and Replace in Name ADVANCE

H i hi,

A bit of an expansion to @john-geehreng’s lovely Find & Replace. I’m merely following in the footsteps of giants here.

This one adds presets, wildcards for the Find, tokens for the Replace, and a field to preview your result names.


  • Match Any
  • Match All
  • Match End
  • Match Start


  • am/pm
  • AM/PM
  • Day
  • Hour (12hr)
  • Hour (24hr)
  • Minute
  • Month
  • Project
  • User
  • Year (YY)
  • Year (YYYY)

Works on:

  • clips
  • sequences
  • desktops
  • folders
  • libraries
  • reels
  • reel groups
  • workspaces

Available on the Logik Portal or via the Github repo


Awesome, love your scripts Kieran!

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Updated on github & logik portal to v2.2.0

This script now works on timeline segments with a new <shot name> token.

To elaborate on the use of this script… I dont really use it for finding & replacing per se… most of my saved presets just search for * (aka Match All) and then replace with some standard naming that I use frequently. For example, I frequently need dated reels named a certain way. Or I need my main library named a certain way. So my point is, Im using this script more like a template based namer, using the saved presets for templates. The find part is less important to me, but still good in a pinch.

This script has turned into my most frequently used script. Personal tastes… but I set it to Ctrl + Shift + F.