Naming shots for VFX (using tokens)


I’ve searched everywhere but cannot seem to find the answer to this question. I am attempting to name shots in my timeline using a VFX naming workflow (ex. 001_010), but I can’t seem to figure out how to reset the shot ID# when the scene# iterates. Example:

show_episode_066_010 <— I would like this to go back to 010 instead of 030

Is this possible to do in Flame using tokens / python script?

Doing it in one go for the sequence… maybe just with python. Using the rename shot tool, I think you need to run it on the selected segments every time you want the index to reset. Not in front of Flame now.

Index reset syntax is like this index###@10 to start back at 010. I think… this is all from memory.

The token is called Custom Index.


ie, pad by 3, start at 10, increment by 10.

But ya, like milanesa said, manually you would have to do select all of an episode, do 065_<index###@10+10>, then select next episode shots and do 066_<index###@10+10>, and so on. I can’t think of anything more clever.

you can automate the episode index by adding a track underneath the shots, cutting segments gaps, renaming them as episodes and using the “Background Name” as you episode token in the shot naming.
Other than that… python.

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Thank you all for the suggestions!
@milanesa that’s the exact workflow I used in order to keep the shot ID#'s grouped together as there were multiple segments within one shot; I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who thought of this! I’ll definitely look into Python as that seems like the solution.