Painting an ugly picture / blocky paint?

Hi there
Anyone ever seen paint behave like this? Mac 2021.2.1
In Batch - creating square prior to paint stroke
Desktop paint giving me nothing.
Went back and tested 2020 and no issues?

Not exactly the same but I’ve been having similar glitches with mux nodes (freeze frame) after a batch paint (iMac 2022).

Solution was to delete the mux and add a new one after making adjustments to paint node. Not much help for you sorry.

Hi Mike,
we had the same problem in the facility where i work. We contacted Autodesk support witch was able to replicate the issue and gave us the solution. For us the problem was only on machines with aja kone and was solved by going to flame preferences (within the application), under Broadcast Monitor tab enable the button Force RGB Rollback.
Try if this solve your issue.

Yep, I have the same problem. I do not have Aja installed. Interesting thou. I am using NDI, and if I turn off NDI the problem goes away. Unfortunately, I don’t have the option to turn on Force RGB Rollback with NDI.

Here’s a frame where you can see the button i’m talking about.
@Brooks What release are you on? I’m still on the 2021.2 release. Maybe is not present in the latest.
By disabling the broadcast monitor the issue goes away but of course thats not really a solution.

The button is there. It’s just gray. I can’t select it when NDI is enabled. And the button goes away when I turn off video preview.

I agree. It’s a problem that needs to be fixed.

Here is the post on Autodesk support with solution.

Thanks Francesco, to bad that doesn’t work for the New NDI setting.

logging bug now

Thanks so much Francesco
Enabling Force RGB playback fixed it for me