Flame 2022 freezing on playback

We’ve recently upgraded to 2022 on Linux and we’re seeing freezing on playback, roughly happens every 5-6 minutes. It’ll freeze picture for anywhere from a few seconds to 10 seconds. Audio keeps playing. It makes a client review near impossible for longform. Has anyone else seen this?
There was a similar issue in 2021 which was infuriating as Autodesk kept saying it was to do with our systems until they replicated it at their end.

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Yes, same here. Can’t say I’m impressed with 2022 at all, constant freezes all the time making working a serious chore. I get freezes when trying to view a render I’ve just done.
For me, 2022.3 is no better than 2022.2.

We’re currently testing 2022.3 but we’ve been working on 2022.2 and it’s awful. Same exr sequence plays fine in 2021 so it’s definitely something in 2022 that’s causing it.

Yes, that’s my experience. 2021 was fine, but all iterations of 2022 so far are extremely buggy.

I’m getting a 25 second delay after hitting play at the end of a render.
Totally unacceptable!!

Hi @Robg and @paul_round,

Could you please report the situation to our support team when you get the opportunity (if not done already)?


Hi Yann, I already have a case open.

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I work for a company and therefore am unable to report my case. The last time I had to go via xtfx and it ate into a lot of my work hours with back and forth testing and tweaking before anything got sent to autodesk, even then autodesk Europe didn’t believe us, infuriating to say the least

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Your sysadmins will be able to. You should definitely report it.