Linux micro freeze

Just curious if any Linux users are getting little freezes and the only thing in the shell is VM load pref failed loading /var/temp/tmp## with error 6. Anyone know how to get rid of this error?

ADSK is aware of the micro-freeze issue and actively trying to fix it.

Hi @space_monkey,

The error message might not be related to the micro freezes in this case.

What version are you on, and did you experience such freezes in previous versions?


latest version 22.1 I think they started with version 22 but I can’t totally be certain.

Thanks, @space_monkey.

It is likely the situation @Alan referred to.

As he mentioned, Autodesk is actively working on a solution for this problem.


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Yup, started in 2022.

any insight into what might be causing this?

Yes all 3 of our Linux systems are experiencing this…
Happening every few minutes. Bloody annoying. Glad to know it’s been noted and being worked on.

Same here, glad ADSK knows about it.

Hi all. Any update on that topic. In the facility I work with, they just updated flame to 22.1 and I get those freezes as well. Every few minutes, no matter how light is what we are doing, it freezes for 10 secondes.

Hi. Anyone know if 2022.2 just released fixes the freezes problems?
Just to know if I should push to update software version. :wink:



As best they could fix.

Been on it most of the day and so far no micro freezes have happened yet, they used to happen pretty regularly


Good to hear. I’ll push as hard as I can to get the update. :wink:

seems to also be on 2021.2.2, …could do with a fix for this version too

yea its in all the 21 versions but 22.2 seems to be the most stable thus far.

Was this issue tied to the updated licensing?

Hi @andy_dill,

The micro freeze issues addressed in 2022.2 are not related to the updated licensing.


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Im getting micro freezes on 22.2 probably around every 10-15 mins

that’s interesting so far I think I have only gotten one or two in the last couple of days, what system are you on? Mac Linux?