Flame 3d_track tutorial

Hi guys,

Can someone point me to the 3d track tutorial where this image has come from?

Pretty sure it’s the Flame for Fusion FXPHD tutorial.

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Thanks, but I think I got the file from the Flame Learning Channel and now I can’t find the video.

@La_Flame Is probably your man then

Apologies but that is not my footage and I have never used that on the Flame Learning Channel.

I believe that is from a different resource.



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oops. Sorry and thanks for clarifying.

I believe that’s from one of Miran’s fxPhd courses.

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google image search yielded this: 视频素材-6K级高级蓝绿背景抠像视频素材人物毛发抠像学习练习素材丨CG村资源网

It is the media provided as part of his high end chroma key class (Part 2) on Fxphd.