NEW Flame 2022 Training - 3D Tracking, NDI & Tangent Panels!

I hope you’re all well and safe!

With the release of the Flame 2022, there have been quite a few enhancements to the Flame Family. This includes some of our top user requests such as 3D Camera Tracking, BlackMagic RAW support and many more!!!

I’ll start covering some of the larger enhancements and more will follow as time goes on. But as always, please check out the Flame 2022 “What’s New” for the full list of enhancements.

The first video series covers the brand new 3D camera tracking functionality in Flame. Using SLAM technology, artists can now achieve remarkable automatic camera solves directly in the Action 3D compositor and Image Toolset. Produce thousands of accurately tracked points to achieve high quality results. Great for adding or removing objects in a shot, set extensions, projections on 3D objects and even grading with a 3D track. This next generation 3D tracker also produces a 3D point cloud allowing for refinement and validation of your track and even create 3D geometry! Don’t miss out on this great new workflow in Flame!

The next video focuses on a new streaming technology that has been added to Flame. Ever heard of NDI? This fantastic low latency video and audio technology allows you to stream your Flame’s output across your network without dedicated video hardware. So you can stream your Flame’s broadcast output to another computer or view it on another monitor using 3rd party NDI decoding hardware. You can even stream Flame across the web as a remote client session using Zoom, OBS Studio and many more other networking technologies. So easy to set up and use with Flame 2022.

The last set of videos show off the new interactive enhancements when driving Flame with a variety of Tangent Control Surfaces. Focussing specifically on the ARC or the ELEMENT panels, you’ll see how the panels work with Effects Environment and Image TimelineFX as part of an efficient grading workflow…

You can check out these videos and more on the Flame Learning Channel -

or in Autodesk Learning on AREA and as a downloadable podcast via iTunes.

There are plenty more videos in production and so many more features to cover in Flame 2022.

Keep well and stay safe!


Great news! Hope to test it soon! I’m new to NDI but it seems really a great implementation in these strange times we are living lately! Really exited about this news!

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Does anybody know when an education version of Flame 2022 update will be announced?

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Is it not available in your Autodesk educational account?


No it isn’t but this is not urgent. I’ve read that it will listed within the account when available. Thanks for replay Grant.

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