The old "File full. Unloading" archiving problem

Ive had this problem years ago but cant remember how it got sorted out. I make a new archive and i set the .segs to be 4gig usually , but tried 2gig as well. It starts archiving and when it gets to just before the seg size it freezes and gives the above error. it then then decides thats it and gives up on the operation but doesnt close the archive…
It doesnt look like permissions otherwise it wouldnt let me make the initial file right?
This is the first time ive tried to archive to this server i should add. Have tried different locations on same server and had same result.
The log keeps mentioning Lock files??

I don’t know about it not being permissions :thinking:

Are you on a Mac? The permissions on the newer OS X have been doing strange things to our archives if not set correctly.

What files do you get written out before the freeze?

My example archive:

The flame is on a Linux box

Are you able to archive the same project successfully to local storage?

Might be worth trying with a larger archive block size n case it’s running out of space within a segment. Maybe try 10 /25 gigs?

Hi all
Thank you everyone for all the great info that I siphon from this forum!
Thought I’d pipe up because I’m getting the same problem. I’m on Rocky Linux, 2023.0.1.
I don’t get it when I archive locally (usb drive or internal) but only when I archive to another machine on my home network (both Mac an PC)
The archive starts fine. Every time it hits the amount I set it pauses for 30sec or so and says “file full Unloading”and then carries on but always fails. I’ve tried 1gig - 50gig sizes. I can see the archive seg’s have been written but the archive never finishes and the archive files don’t open (I get an error message)
Annoyingly it was working a few days ago on my pc, which is set up as a jobs path server that syncs with my office sever. Ever since I tried to do a quick archive on an ssd plugged into my Mac it failed in the way described and now the pc is doing the same - intermittently!!!.
Writing .mov, Jpeg etc from flame to same directories is fine.

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glad its not just me with this issue!

I’ll try making like 8 or 10 gig segs but i dont want to make 1x400gig seg which i know will solve the issue. `its not a solution going forward

I tried making an archive that was under a gig and used the 1 gig choice and it does it but the archive is corrupt and doesn’t close (when choosing archive and close)