Flame audio popping

I’m having a problem with audio hardware.
There are severe audio pops whenever I load or change a project.
flame 2023.3 Linux
Thanks in advance for ant insight.
Richard Hiltzik
Warner Bros.

My linux box has done this forever on startup. I just mute the room audio while it’s loading the project.

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What video card? AJA? Running sync into the system, or free sync? It kinda sounds like a sync issue, but just spitballing here.

Mine too.

On mine? AJA, with free sync. It’s fine once Flame has launched.

Running BMD freesync. Definitely hear it now. But it seems really inconsistent. I hear a faint sound when initializing the project most times. But every once and a while, a big boom.

Free sync, AJA. Only when initializing a project. Once that is done, all is well.
I’ll have to see if there is some way to add a mute button to my system.
It sounds like I might pop a speaker or 2.

I’m not sure what kind of audio setup you have, but most systems these days come with built in protection.