Audio issue with kona

HI everyone

I just moved my flame to a different location and on setting it all up again I am having issues with my Kona card. It seems that audio is no longer embedded in the same SDI channel. I get picture from one and audio from another rather than both being embedded together. Struggling to find any IT help so wondered if anyone else might be able to help me figure this one out?

Setup is Flame on Linux, custom Threadripper build and to my knowledge nothing has changed bar the physical location of the system. I’ve reached my limits of figuring this out and am in a right pickle for my session next week.

Any help greatly appreciated!! :slight_smile:

Not exactly sure what you mean by “embedded in the same SDI channel” – do you mean the physical outputs of the Kona? If you’re running standard HD/SDI and not using Dual Link or Quad Link, the physical outputs might be sort-of cloned, so maybe you just hooked the small little SDI cables up in slightly the wrong order on the card? (Sorry, I’m not at my Flame’s physical location to look at what it might be doing on the ‘wrong’ output…)

Otherwise make sure you’re in the right mode in Broadcast Ouput in the Flame prefs, and/or that your video configs didn’t change in the Flame Setup tool, but I don’t know why they would have just moving the machine.

Yeah I’m not quite following either unfortunately. Can you be a little bit more specific? What are the symptoms you are experiencing?
If nothing has changed except the location of the box, then someone unplugged it and plugged it back in, and perhaps swapped some Sdi cables on the back. If you mean that you are getting picture from one flame and audio from another flame, then someone screwed up the patch panel / video router.

Thanks guys - sorry. Not very clear was it - hopefully this helps:

This is the Kona card at the back of my flame. My setup always had SDI carrying both audio and video from number 2 hooked up as you can see but after moving the flame I am no longer getting audio, I only get video from number 2. I then tested 1 through 4 separately and am getting audio from 1, video from 2, 3 & 4 are inputs so I am not concerned there. I do have an AJA-bob kicking around somewhere but I really don’t want to have to bring that into the mix when I never needed it before. This is for my home office setup and there is very little room here so I am trying to keep it all as streamlined as possible.

What is meant to be happening is that both video and audio are meant to pass through number 2 as the always have done and I cannot for the life of me work out why this has changed. Any ideas?

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Okay, tell us more about your signal path. You’ve got to be deembedding the audio somewhere. Is it that you are just not hearing audio in Flame? Are you sure that it isn’t outputting audio correctly and either Flame Preferences / Audio is disabled or set to something other than embedded or you were messing around in the Audio Desk and set some channels to 3-4 by mistake or that in Flame Setup app you don’t have your Kona card setup for both Video and Audio?

If you are getting picture, you ought to be getting audio.

Do you have any scopes or anything to test your signal path? Unless you were futzing around with the AJA Control Panel and software rerouted something? But that doesnt seem likely.

Yup so SDI goes to my Barco which loops out to a blackmagic digital analogue converter which is where I strip out audio to go to my mixer/speakers. To ensure it’s not the Barco I took that out of the equation and went direct to the blackmagic box. No luck there. Then to ensure the blackmagic is working correctly I tried the Kona port numbered 1 in my pic and I’m that scenario I am getting audio but no video.

So it’s not the Barco and not the blackmagic box and for some reason the kona seems to have separated audios and video.

Flame hardware setup is correct using AJA for both audio and video and yes audio in flame idiot module are all going through ch1-2.

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Okay. Have you cracked open the AJA Control Panel app yet?

Or, dumb idea, in a pinch run a second sdi for your audio from AJA 1 and use that for the session whilst you can troubleshoot at a better time?

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Yes I thought there should be a controller for the kona card but I actually cannot find an app installed on my system. Flame-on-Linux, where would I find this as a search for “AJA” or “KONA” brings up nothing.

Oh gawd. It’s been years since Ive run AJA…

Umm…its 3 letters…… run ‘vcp’ in a terminal?

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Really appreciate this Randy! Following the link you just sent and looks like the aja Control Panel is not installed or present on my machine so I need to figure out how to get that in place. Looking through these docs now mate! Thank you!

GOT IT WORKING!!! Thanks Randy!
Interestingly enough as soon as I downloaded the AJA Control Panel I was able to route picture to the channel that audio was coming through. Even though this is different to who I set it up last time it’s working again and I cannot thank you enough Randy!! Really appreciate the time you took - and on a Saturday mate! Truly grateful!!! Thank you!


My pleasure.

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