Flame color work to Resolve or Premiere

Hello hive,

A collaborator is asking if there is a way I can export my timeline with all the color work I have done, and have another program read and translate the color transforms. Resolve? Premiere? I am guessing the answer is no, but I thought I’d throw the question out here in case someone has figured out a way to do this.

Nope. You’ll need to render out ProReses etc of every shot and reconform, or export them a graded sub.

the best you can do is export all the graded shots with an EDL for someone to re-conform elsewhere. Unless it’s a Flame (or Lustre) the setups will not translate.

Hello Tony!

There is no easy way to export from our products color decisions that could be used in a third party applications but if you were to use the Look Timeline FX, you could export CDL for every shot and provide an XML or AAF. But the CDL export would be quite manual (shot by shot). For a short sequence that could work.


For what it’s worth, this doesn’t work between any pairs of color software, not Flame specific. There is no industry standard on color operations except for LUTs which are spatially and temporarily constrained, and CDL which are just a simple primary transform.

I appreciate the desire to transfer, but that reality doesn’t exist anywhere and won’t realistically going forward.