Flame doesn't launch

Hello Everybody !

After several issues with Flame (VolumeMGT Initialising…, Listing folders and files with Mediahub…).
I wonder if it’s not a OS Problem.

Flame is open, but I can’t open any projects, create a new one. There is no error message. It’s just stuck forever.

I’m on Big Sur (11.4) and I didn’t want to change the OS because i’m not a big fan of OS not very stable and not very compatible with Flame.

Is Big Sur a good OS to work with Flame ?

Hello shiver!

Yes, BigSure is one of the macOS version we qualified and did not run into issue. Same for the macOS Montery and Ventura. See Flame Family 2024 release system requirements

Many users are running these Flame Family products on these OS without issue. The error you see seems related to permission. As stated in various discussions on Logik, Full Disk Access is required for Flame and it services. If you use removable storage, you might need to recheck the Full Disk Access if the disk are re-mounted.

Which version of Flame do you run?

If you use Service Monitor application, you can run diagnostics which will show you information about issues.

Hello Stéphane,

I updated Mac OS to Ventura.
I updated Flame to 2024.1

All services are green.
Launch project is stuck to “VolumeMGT : Initialising”.
I checked the documentation but everything seems ok on the machine.

Permissions are ok
Full disk access too.

I plugged my ssd with project into another mac and it works.
I need the first computer.

I thought maybe it was because I’m not home with my NAS and other SSDs plugged in. And he tries unsuccessfully to launch the volumes. But I find it strange because I only work on an SSD that I plugged in.

ok, i found the problem !
I edited the setup text file and disable partitions of the volumes that are not present at the moment (NAS, other SSDs…).
So i Get only the partition of SSD i have right now with me.
I restart Flame and everything is ok.

Maybe it will be nice to implement it on Flame futures update :
Not blocking volumeMGT initilisation at project launch is other partitions (not used) are not plugged.

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Hello shiver!

Happy to hear you are up and running. From what I read, you have a portable workstation / laptop and you have volumes located on a NAS and SSDs that are not available when your are away so Flame / Volume Management cannot see the NAS since it might be the first volume and then you are not able to start.
We will have a look.

Hello Stéphane,
I have an iMac Pro and I borrowed a MacBook Pro M1 to keep working in the other place.

I will try to change de number of NAS partition to the highest number to see if it’s ok after and let you know.