Flame Family Feedback Friday!

Got a Flame Family Feedback request you’re dying to get implemented? Post about it here on Fridays and we’ll all vote!

Here’s one that’s near and dear to many of our hearts and we’re talking about it right now in the Discord server…

FI-01618: Batch: Export movies from the Write File node.




Nice, we already picked up 3 votes today. Keep 'em coming!

Today I am collecting GFX to close out the job and I need to keep going into batch to create multichannel clips, so I am submitting this one: FI-02593


And then I need to export them from the desktop because I can’t use a write file to make a quicktime with embedded alpha. So I upvoted that one.


Here’s my white whale:

An in-batch live, looping player that will update every time you change any parameter.

Idea for roto, tracking, and paint tasks where temporal consistency is hard to notice without watching the clip play in real time.

You’d be able to kick off a context into the “live loop player” and Flame would cache up the media and loop it live. Every paint stroke or vertex adjustment made would re-render and go back into the live loop, allowing you to see how well your work is going without rendering and noting down where the hits and errors seem to be.


This is a long standing gripe of mine and I get very confused when I’m working on more than one edit at a time. It was so elegant in smoke pre-anniversary. I’m hoping @space_monkey and @randy will still agree.

To have the order of clips in sequence reels ganged together so when you look at them on the reels on desktop, reel on desktop media hub, and the open sequence timeline tabs they’re in the same order.

The below improvement isn’t mine but I think it covers it.

Timeline: Ability to reorder sequence tabs.


MediaHub: Auto fill propositions while typing a path

Type addresses and have them auto complete

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Still maintain pre-anniversary Smoke premium was as good as it gets workflow-wise for editorial.

…and upvoted.


I think this is issue that really needs to be taken at a wider view throughout the software, while we can look at individual aspects like what @johnt points out I hope and wish that autodesk would just release a version where they tighten up the software and really close the circles in the various application directions. I know that’s a little confusing but sometimes the software behaves in a one direction manner where I think it should be bi directional or sometimes its just downright confusing. For example gmask behaves different in pretty much every aspect of the software, TL FX can be added to on the desktop but not in batch, orders of sequences should be ganged but behave universal thought the software, paint tools should be universal. I also think batches and batchfx should behave and be able to be linked together helping unify the two workflows. I can go on and on and I hope that the software can be looked at as a circle and can flow in either direction no matter what the artist chooses but that’s just my two cents and I realize this is a huge task for a limited dev team with probably lots on their plates.

Edit: I started to think what I would categorize the broader topic and came up with, a circular unification of the software across the modules.


My next one was going to be copy paste axes between all modules which includes planar tracker inside gmask and distort. And desktop warper in batch. Etc. etc. like what you said.

maybe for the 30 year anniversary they can call it the spring cleaning update, 30 years and just more mature and optimization because the twenties was a mess.

I was just gonna upvote exporting mp4 but it looks like this is addressed in 2022? Anybody try it?

From Stephane 3 weeks ago…

In Flame Family 2022 release, we have added ways to connect our Python API to ffmpeg so you could create your own MP4 exports. No need to transcode exported content anymore. We provided two examples in the /opt/Autodesk/flame_2022/python_examples/export_selection.py script so you could expand on these to create the various export presets you need for your deliverables. This works on both Linux and macOS for your convenience.

Look at this link for more details: Python Improvements

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Yeah, I messed with this for a long time and even built a GUI for it, but eventually I threw in the towel because I couldn’t get the colors to match.

I totally understand that push, but I still think its just a lame excuse for laziness, I could market a new revitalized flame with optimized functionality so much better than a new (insert node here) for a single function.

Hi @andy_dill!

This! I submitted this almost ten years ago as a “Cache Node” - you can drop it anywhere in the schematic and it will process everything upstream to that point. It will have both in and out so that it functions as a player and a pre-render. I have so wanted something like this for as long as I can remember.


click the little circle on a Mux node, done.


Hi @ALan,

You’re probably the perfect person to ask…

Years ago, you could pull the history clips back into a desktop - is there something analogous with the Cache in a Mux node?


I never did that. I always like live trees.

You can add a render node after the mux and select schematic reel as the destination. It will cache the mux as it renders, depending on the settings, and drop the hard rendered clip under the render node.


How about right-clicking to create BFX, then rendering that?

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That’s what I do now, and I’m grateful for this feature. It’s faster than deliberately rendering and re-joining as we used to in the past, but I would love something that feels like the AE caching scheme or the FCPX caching scheme. I’m usually pleasantly surprised at how interactive playback is on those apps.