Flame Feedback requests implemented in Flame 2022.2 Update

Here’s the list of requests submitted at flamefeedback.autodesk.com that have been implemented in the Flame 2022.2 Update. Thanks to all of you who are using this platform.

FI-00211 : Batch: Display Write Node’s Version Name in the Schematic

FI-01164 : MasterGrade: Support for Hue, Luminance and Saturation curves

FI-01795 : MediaHub: Make the Sequence Detection Frames vs Sequence button available in the General tab.

FI-02188 : Blackmagic 12G SDI support

FI-02250 : MediaHub: Ability to list all files, even unsupported one.

FI-02369 : ShotGrid Publish: Change the Backburner Manager task priorities

FI-02469 : Batch: Elbows input select arm should be bigger

FI-02534 : Motion Vector Tracking: Have the possibility to enable/disable the From/To Range

FI-02583 : Media Export: Option to keep Timeline FX caches after Background Export

FI-02594 : Burn Priority is wrong with PreConfig unless explicitly enabled.

FI-02618 : Installation: Select which version to remove using the command-line rmsoft

FI-02634 : Timeline: The channel selection should be tied to the Connected Segment workflow instead of Pre-Processing.

FI-02641 : Batch: Ability to display the name of an Elbow in the Schematic

FI-02643 : Project: Keep Shared Libraries Open/Closed status between sessions

FI-02650 : Backburner: Properly declare #!/bin/bash in your scripts



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