Undo Buffer Vanishes

Anybody find a solution to this bug? One that doesn’t include restarting the product.

Got that one… seem to notice it in paint. Solution? No idea.

I’ve had it repeatable if u switch projects without exiting flame

Argh it’s a killer bug. Especially when you accidentally slice through a load of links on your massive batch schematic.

I used to create a new user but it would turn up again at some point.

As mentioned you get it back by closing and re opening Flame but it will happen again at some point. 2020.3

Sometimes it doesn’t undo the last action but something else.

Dayum that sounds brutal. Random Undo buffers gettin’ wiped away?

Which version handsome @miles ? I’ll keep an eye out.

I think it popped up about v2018. A lot of people have experienced it, and a lot of people have not. Probably why it’s so tough to fix. Makes me wanna put a brick through this nice monitor in front of me.

Buy more ram

I’ve been experiencing this as well. 2021.2.1 Only a restart will do the trick, it’s a bummer.

I haven’t seen this one yet (blissfully). I’m running 2921.2.1 on Linux. Has anyone gotten this behavior on Linux or only on Mac?

Oh man, the slashing through a batch schematic thing used to be bruuutal back in the Onyx single-undo days. Your description just flashed me back 20 years. Oof!

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I’ve had it on both Linux and Mac. I guess I’m abusing my memory.

Ugh. Sorry man. Have you logged it as a bug with Autodesk support?

I see it all the time on 2021.1 Linux. Just like everyone else, only restarting Flame will bring it back. Machines have 128GB of RAM and I don’t think I’ve ever noticed Flame even coming close to using it all.

I’d be surprise if it was a ram issue all this time @kyleobley too.

The the log it with Autodesk note from Andy reminds me that our good friend Ivar had made and pinned an epic list of all the numbers and websites a Flame Artist would ever need. I don’t have Facebook, but if someone else does, how about nick’n it from there and pinning it here. Handy lil doc.

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Been there done that. There’s an entire Category of links you can add, as well as an editable wiki if thats your style.

If there is something missing lemme know.