Flame linux/mac/cloud

Hi, I don’t know if I am supposed to post this here…

I might be joining a facility in SE Asia and they are new to flame and have no support. I need to come up with a flame solution that is workable.

I was hoping on some advice on going in for flame on linux or flame on Mac or flame on the cloud.

What are the practical advantages of flame on linux vs flame on mac? Is installing flame on mac easier?

Is mac studio or I mac or the cylinder recommended?

For flame on linux is there any post on creating a flame workstation, recommended config etc where to get all the required software and how to get the whole box going?

Where can I get some more information on flame on the cloud… How does it actually work…what kind of computer do you need and what licenses does one have to pay for…

Thanks so much
Hoping to get some advice on this

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Hello Deepakpais!

I’m a freelance Flame artist and have worked at many facilities that use both Linux and Mac workstations.

Regarding your prospective employer in SE Asia, what is their current infrastructure? If they’re heavily Linux and Windows, running a Linux Flame makes sense. If they’re a Macintosh-based shop then run Flame on macOS.

If I were building a Mac Flame right now, I would choose a Mac Studio as Apple Silicon CPUs are the way forward for this platform. If you want to save money, an iMac Pro with a 10-core Xeon CPU or a 2020 iMac with a 10-core i9 CPU will perform well for the next few years.

I would not choose a trashcan MacPro, that’s a ten-year old design with limited upgradeability.

Depending on what version of Flame you would like to run, system requirements for Flame 2016 - Flame 2023 are available here.

Regarding cloud-based Flame solutions, Gunpowder is one of the better known providers and one of the Toms is a frequent poster on this forum.


At last week’s Logik User Group Meeting in Los Angeles, another vendor presented their cloud studio solution. I can’t recall their name at the moment but hopefully AndyM will pop by here with a link.


Thanks Chris, i think the company will go for the mac option most probably.