I want to know how to use Windows or Mac programs on Linux

Flame (2022.3) is currently in use by Mac.
I’m thinking about going from Mac OS to Linux OS because I need higher performance.
The problem is the Adobe program (after effect, Photoshop, Illustrator…)
Use and document operations (Word, Excel, Powerpoint…) are also required.

Flame and other programs can be used around 7:3 or 8:2.

There are two solutions, and there are each disadvantage below.
Which one should I choose?

How to run another computer for Windows
→ Additional computer purchase costs, increased electricity bills (homework/free lancer)

Should I use a virtual machine?
→ Main computer performance degradation

If you use Linux, I want to know how to solve a program for Windows or Mac like me.

We used to have a dual boot PC.

Ran Flame on linux and then everything else on Windows.

If you’re going for the absolute performance gain on the Linux I would propose a mid-range Mac on the side, maybe even a MacBook (Pro / M1 / M2) as it is portable and can even run Flame if you get a floating license.

Or go for a spec’ed up MacStudio. It will give you good performance for Flame and run everyrhing else as well.

I wouldn’t touch Windows or dualboot with a 2m stick.


I said we used to. But yeah we now have access to a Mac on the side :+1:

2nd PC with Windows will run much smoother and less complicated than trying to have everything on the linux one.

With some remote software you can easily run it in the background to tab between win and flame.

The best combination out there for performance, price, flexibility, and portability is a Lenovo P620 Linux Flame with either a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro.

Thank you to all members who responded
It helped me a lot in choosing.