Flame logging out from Autodesk on it's own?

I am suddenly having an issue where Flame will log me out overnight, which crashes my system.
Just now I was working along, and the login dialogue popped up and I had to log in again (which I did this morning after the crash). It did not interrupt my session, but I suspect if I did not re log in it would.

I will investigate if it’s an internet issue, but I am seeing no evidence of that on any other devices.

@Mbemigh Had mentioned something about this a while ago…About Autodesk doing random checks on systems and it logged her out too!..

Named Licensing is going to crush us.

I have opened a case with Autodesk and will report back. I have had my system 2 years and it never behaved like this until this last week.

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Let us know what they say when they reply…Very curious what it might be!

It’s absolutely horrible. Drives me nuts. Let us just pay for X licenses and have them pull from a license server!

I download the latest license manager from Autodesk and have not had the problem reoccur. There was an update in Feb.

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