Some one here that can do a little bit of flame technical suport?

Sitting at home working with corona fever… Then if that was not bad enough. I somehow managed to blank out my stone+wire.cfg when I was about to add another stone partition. on my laptop.

So now when launching flame it does not see my projects etc, I hate to fiddle around with these kind of thing would love to pay somebody to team view in and just get it back and running again. I contacted autodesk suport but, yes that usually takes time so testing here.

Thanks. Just tried to reach him on facebook. Sent a message here as well. Stress full to have a few days of work just gone and nor knowing if I get it back. Special flame feature I guess :slight_smile:


Jack called me up and had the problem fixedin 5 minutes. The problem wasas I thought, the stone+wire.cfg had gone blank when I tried to create a new partition. Nits dont know why tht happen.

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@Jack is such a legend. Lucky to have him around.