Flame node lock license use

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I have a simple question. A question that would be easily answered by local Autodesk support, but that I am having a hard time getting an answer to, so I ask everyone here.

I would like to know from those who use Flame with a node lock subscription license if it is common practice to have Flame installed on more than one computer and, for example, to use it on the workstation and also on the laptop. I ask that because I would like to use Flame at work and also at home, of course never at the same time.
Please, can you tell me if this is allowed by Autodesk? Is this a common practice?
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Would any of our @FriendsFromAutodesk friends chime in?

Im not familiar with node locked, but, buying my monthly license from Autodesk direct means I can sign into any Flame using my email/password. So, I know its possible, not sure about node locked. I know you can borrow licenses from a license server, which can be found here…(unsure if this still applies to 2021).


Hi all, Mark from Autodesk Technical Support here!

Anything pre 2018 used a different licensing system - basically the old text file method that you used to put on a license server (Multi-User) or a local machine (nodelocked).
These are generated off the ‘dlhostid’, and unique to that hardware - change the hardware, change the dlhostid, get a new license.

2018 and newer use a combination of either a Serial Number or email address (Single User / Standalone) and text file (Multi-User / Network).
Note though that Linux only supports Single User Subscriptions for 2020 onwards, 2018 and 2019 require a Multi-User Subscription.

All new Single User subscriptions now use an email sign-in as the authentication method - and it’s important to note that these are ‘user based’ rather than ‘Account / Company based’.
In other words the Subscription is assigned to a user, rather than to a particular company account.

For Multi-User / Network Subscriptions, you still use a text based license file and a license server.
The Client Flame software then points to that license server, pretty much the same as it has always worked.
When installing Flame for the first time, you are prompted to choose one of three licensing options - Serial Number, Sign-In, or Multi-User.

So having established all this, to answer your question… :wink:

  1. You can install Flame on as many machines as you want.

  2. 2017x1 and older nodelocked licences are tied to one machine, and require a new license text file from Autodesk each time you wish to move / use that license on another machine. There are some other details involved in this process also.

  3. Single User Mac Subscriptions for 2018 onwards can be authenticated to any number of machines, but you can only use that subscription on one machine at once - unless you have a multi-seat subscription of course. This is the easiest method if you have a home machine and a work machine, and want to use the same Subscription on both at separate times.

  4. For Linux, point 3 applies only to 2020 and newer versions.

  5. Multi-User subscriptions run from a license server, and have a number of seats per license server. These can be checked out and checked back in to the local server, or borrowed from the local server, for a period of time up to 6 months.

So based on your desired working pattern, option 3 here would be your best fit.

Let me know if this helps or if you need more clarification on anything!


holy smokes @mark.taylor, thank feck you are here! thats tricky.

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Thank you very much, Mark, for clarifying and explaining everything so well. Everything is cleared up now. I contacted the reseller again and everything is ok!
Thank you, Randy!
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