Licensing error

I had a single-user license on my laptop but not anymore. When I start the application I get this message:

Error Information: Flame (ADLSDK_UPDATE_REASON_LICENSE_UPDATE): timed-out after 30.0 sec(s) waiting for Agent to connect

ERROR: Licensing Error

So I think changing the licensing type might solve the issue. I followed the online docs to reset license type via the flame_setup app but no go. There must be a local file when deleted will let me choose my license type again?

Or is this something else?..


This might be what got me the other day after removed opt/Autodesk.

I randomly reinstalled autodesk licensing service and that fixed it.

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Hi @Sinan,

The error message refers to the licensing service, not to the license itself.

I recommend uninstalling - reinstalling Flame first, and see if the issue still persists.

Please keep me posted,



Thnak you @YannLaforest Reinstall solved the issue…

Hi guys, we have a strange licensing issue here, 2022.2 and 2022.3. Licensing started to say it can not connect to internet on two machines. Tried to reinstall flame - no luck. Tried a quick fresh OS install on a separate ssd - works fine. But it is rather a drag to reinstall everything on two machines. Any ideas on where it could potentially stuck?

I’d try to reinstall the Autodesk Licensing Service. Sometimes after removing all of /opt/Autodesk and reinstalling Flame it complains licensing and when I reinstall using this procedure it solves it. Not sure if it will solve your problem though.

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Tried removing /opt/Autodesk. /var/opt/Autodesk, /var/lib/Autodesk or any numerous ‘Autodesk’ folders one could find but only clean system install (with /opt/Autodesk from the previous system copied to retain the project structure) got the licenses back. Interesting thing that it did happen at about the same time on two machines that were clones in terms of os (Centos 8.2) but different Flame installs and different framestores logged in as different adsk users on completely different network locations. Both has just refused to connect to adsk licensing and only clean system installs fixed it so far.

Thanks for this Randy… This worked for me when istalling 2022.3. DKU16.0.3, Centos 8.2. Legend!