Multi seat license

Is it still possible to buy a multi seat license with a license server?

Terje Boye

No, and Named User licensing is a fucking wretched horrid curse.

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ok thanks. What options do I have if I want to use 1 flame license on 2 different computers?

Login in to both computers with your one named license. It works.

Just make sure you never have them both running at the same time…autodesks licence police will be in touch with very menacing threats.

It doesn’t just kick you out of the older login like Adobe does? What do the license police do?

In our installation, every time we switch machines, we have to re-authenticate even if it not running anywhere else, and we have previously authenticated on that machine before. Super annoying.

I hadn’t even realised that the licence had been used twice simultaneously…but they sent a very threatening letter demanding thousands of pouunds to cover the cost of buying more licenses. Had to contact them to grovel forgiveness for a simple mistake. Was cleared up quickly but that damned legal letter was certainly overkill.