Flame 2023.1 - multiple monitor issue

I am running 2023.1 on two identical setups - iMac Pros w/ monitors connected via HDMI to USB-C adapters (Apple brand). Each machine has a Blackmagic UltraStudio 4k Extreme connected via USB-C. The BMD is connected to a TV via HDMI.

One of these machines is displaying picture to the broadcast monitor (TV) with no issue, same as it was in 2022.3. The Flame update didn’t cause any issues.

The second machine however, is defaulting to the side monitor as the broadcast display. I have toggled the setting within Flame to “BMD” within Broadcast Monitor settings and this does not fix the problem.

Can anyone think of anything I may be overlooking? Again, same machine setups. Same OS (Big Sur), Same version of Flame, same hardware and connections.


Is Flame Setup app also showing BMD as the video output? It tends to default to AJA on my system even though I don’t have aja on that machine, so always need to check that option.

Yes, BMD is selected in the Flame Setup app. If I unplug the side monitor, Flame shows picture on the TV. But it defaults to the side monitor when they are both connected. Really weird that it isn’t happening on the other system.

And if I open the older version of Flame, 2022.3, it shows picture just fine on the TV, even with the side monitor connected as well. 2023.1 introduced the issue

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Hi @nick_devivo

What is set in the flame preferences/broadcast? It should also say BMD


What version bm video driver are you using? I think the latest flame can use up to v12.4

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Yes, it is set to BMD

11.7. Its an older driver but it is working on a machine running flame 2023.1

12.4 broke our fiber connection, so we reverted back to 11.7

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I have updated a few more machines to 2023.1 also running Big Sur and they are not having this issue. I think it may be a card issue on the mac’s end?