Flame on Mac Pro with W6800X GPU

Hello Flameingos

Just wondering if anyone is running Flame on a 2019 Mac Pro with a W6800X GPU.

If so, do you do any ACES based work in it? Blackmagic Resolve has a known issue with ACES on this GPU and so I was wondering if the same was occurring on Flame. You get white and black pixel glitches. Just wondering if it is a driver & GPU issue or just a Resolve related one with that setup.

I know Flame can’t utilise the dual GPUs, so I won’t be surprised if nobody is actually running this particular setup.

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I believe @PlaceYourBetts has a Mac Pro they have been using with a non-duo W6800X inside it :slight_smile:


This is true :grin:

This is really our main grading box but when not being used for a grade it has become a very useful Flame.
@AdamArcher We have zero issues with this machine when doing ACES based work in Flame.

It used to have a problem with lensflares and substance noise textures but that has gone away with Flame 2023.

I haven’t noticed a problem with Resolve but then we never grade/use ACES in Resolve which is a shame because on my latest job we have an external colorist using Scratch and he is giving us the works. Denoised balanced tech grade all in ACEScg :hugs:


Thanks for sharing.

I’m going to do some testing on ours too just to see. It’s the sort of issue that is happening in Resolve that you might not see it without some pretty extensive testing so always good to hear other people’s experiences. Thanks for sharing.

My Macpro is running the 6800x GPU Duo. While I’ve done a handful of shots in ACES, I’m pretty much a rec709 juice box and kitty litter commercials guy. But ACES never gave me trouble in Flame.