Flame Setup question

is there any benefit (or disadvantage) to selecting All in the Preview page?

Does this cause Flame to load a lot more un-needed settings everytime it starts up?

The dropdownlist will be unnecessary long, when creating a new project, if you load all.
If you disable all and use a few, projects with previewsettings not checked will greyout the preview options.
Don’t think the loadingtime will be visible longer with everything on.


i was concerned more with Flame having more un-necessary code loading and clogging it up.

Its definitely faster to load with less selected, but does that limit the variety of video formats you can import during a project? I suppose if you can’t see the files you need, you always have the option of restarting the Flame Setup without making a new project…

No. It only limits the project’s preview options for the Broadcast. So with like only one checked, you still can import all other footage in different sizes/rates. Only the broadcast itself won’t be able to playback anything different in its rate.

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There is a setup trick to finally not have this annoying warning message that really does nothing. But I can’t remember the setting at the moment.

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Ahh…makes sense.

YEah, to the right of the preview resolution you can select the kind of sync.
I you set that to freesync instead of DTVSync , flame won’t bother you with the dialog popup when starting a project.