Flame stuck

How to fix the stuck issue?

You should be able to hit Control-C once or twice in that terminal to make it finish terminating (it generally will on its own eventually, but sometimes it takes a VERY long time)

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Thank you!
It closes the Flame,

Is there any possibility to fix this issue without closing the Flame??

I am worry about the loss of work while crashing Flame…

Hi @dbcvfx,

Segmentation Fault essentially means that Flame has crashed, although the application still may appear to be running.

Terminating the process by using Control-C in the terminal or killing the process manually is what to do in this case.

Doing it will not cause any more damages to the project metadata than the crash itself.



If you are this far, it has already crashed. I just close the window, open a new shell and start over. The best way to insure you don’t lose information after a crash is to habitually hit Shift-Ctl-Alt-Enter as you work.

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What voodoo/Vulcan neck grip is this?

If you notice, in the lower right, in upper case letters is the word FLAME. Click on it and read what it says directly over it. Results may vary depending on platform and hotkey preferences.

Ahhh. I have a simple CTL-S but I thought I was missing a crucial hotkey

Thank you everyone for all of your suggestions!!

It might be a good idea to run “dlConfigCheck” to ensure your setup meets the recommendations for the version of Flame you’re running