Flare 2022.2 installer (or 2022.1 flare installer)

Does anyone have 2022.2 (or 2022.1) Flare installer for Mac? The Autodesk site is still broken for updates.

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@YannLaforest has anyone reported band download links on this?

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I think the report ticket system is down as well.

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Hi @andymilkis,


The Flame team is tracking the issue closely with the team in charge.

We will keep you posted on the developments made on this topic.


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Thank you @YannLaforest, I was concerned that it was just me. Until I can get a working link to the Flare 2022.2 (or 2022.1) installers I’m a machine down in crunch time. (it’s always crunch time now a days).

I would also like this link to return.


i need to download the Backburner Manager for Flame Assist on a Mac - anyone have a copy i could cadge?
The site is still not showing anything in the updates window


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That is on the Autodesk App store.

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Thank you, sirs!

Please Is there any update on the 2022.2 installer…
All i get is a spinning wheel on the updates page…

I’ve just received a whole lot of work from a remote artist and I’m stuck in 2022.1.


Watcha need? Mac or Linux?

Linux Please

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Stand by…

check yo pms!

Bumping for @Raphael …anybody got 2022.1 or 2022.2 Flare for Mac installers handy?

Nice I just f’up Flame with Monteray now this !

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Hahaha…clearly you aren’t a release notes reader… :slight_smile:

More like tired and stupid ! I left auto update over night and didn’t turn of OS update. Got back in morning with frash brand new OS

Funny support desk told me to use Chrome instead Safari and that will fix problem with updates not showing

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