Anybody able to access Download Release Updates for Mac in their Autodesk account?

When trying to Download Flame for Mac the only options are the initial releases, none of the updates are available.
Seems like the Linux versions in 2023 and 2020 have updates, none for 2021 and only 2022.0.1 for 2022.
Very strange and not good at all. As obviously I need it for work today.

Anybody able to access Mac Update downloads in their account?

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Are you looking under “Product Updates” instead of “All Products and Services”?

It’s kinda weird but ‘all’ products doesn’t show the extension releases.

I can see the Mac version of 2023.2 there.

Hmm, looks like Autodesk is updating their User Account since mine is a new style.

Ok yeah, duh I see now.
A little coffee and now I got it. The “All Products and Service” is not updated fully which through me for a loop.

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