Moving segements to an other position in the Timeline

experimented with moving segments to an other position in the Timeline.It seems that this can not be done reliably with drag and drop, especially if the Timeline exceeds a certain length.

What is the preferred approach to move several marked segments after the positioner?


HI, you could try by selecting the segment you want, move the positioner to the desire position. Grab and drag the selected segment holding the shift button (this should snap the segment after the positioner location (holding shift and control it snap before positioner).
Check in preferences/timeline that button “Snap with positioner” under editing column is “on”.

If the timeline is very long… you could bring the segment to the freeform desktop, move to the desire part of the timeline and then drag the segments back to the timeline holding the shift while dragging.


Wow thats very cool! Thank you! If only I had known that before, my messed up timeline would be very happy:)

Even it does work perfectly I am wondering why the selected clip to be re-arrenged is shown two times in the Freeform-view? (already before the two tracks were dropped to the desktop). Simetimes both of them with a red border, but one border is more intense…

i think that is the sequence viewer. You can get rid of it from preference/general (under player tab) turn off “Display sequence viewer”

Thank’s Francesco, yes it was the sequence viewer :slight_smile:

@joe99 it is confusing. This is a silly behaviour. IMHO it’s a badly implementation of a feature from smoke when the anniversary edition was created.

It would be a good idea, again IMHO, to put the record area back and then the Freeform view would make much more sense.

@fredwarren @cnoellert


I agree… of course. The merging of the two concepts never really worked for me and we ultimately lost the best of both implementations. The reels became slow and unuseable. On the smoke side the source/rec area implementation was effectively lost.

Please please please give us a choice of the old ways of doing shit. I would donate time to local charity to have the ability to go back to Smoke Premium workflow and speed.

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What prevents you from creating a Reel Group named Record Area and put all your sequences in Sequences Reel in there an another Reel Group named Source Area and put all your sources in there?

Oh, I see that it works with the Desktop Reel, but not the Freeform view…

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Thanks for checking @fredwarren

You can emulate what we once had but it is slower and involves more steps.

It also still spins me out that open sequences on the desktop can be viewed in different orders in three different views at the same time (record area F3, desktop reel, desktop reel library view).

When versioning this is a real headache for me.

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