Flicker Match

Is there a way in flame (besides manually color correcting exposure) to match the flickering of a plate for an element? Say the plate is a shot with flickering fire. Need the element to flicker similar to the plate.

There are some Matchboxes and the trusty Sapphire Flicker Match.

Back in the day blurring the heck out of some thing and then subtracting that from the original used to remove it, so you could always blur + add if you are trying to match something.

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Thank Randy!

y_flicker works in a pinch. S_FlickerMatch is the winner, for me.

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The old-school way would be to blur the flickering element until the entire frame is the same color.
‘Normalize’ it using a color corrector (use gain) so that the the frame is 1.0 white.
Then use a comp node to multiply the blurred element onto the element you want to match.