Hey guys I was wondering if there is a way of linking the camera shake aspect of the 2d transform to a colour correct node to drive some flicker. I am sure it can be done with expressions but I am hopeless with those. Thanks in advance jt

Sadly, I don’t think the camera shake node can be linked to anything. You can probably make a random number expression on a colour node, but I think there may be a matchbox out there that already does this.

Damn I thought might be really good for that. Are you referring to a flicker match box?

It would be good for a lot of things, but the shake data is not available as an animation channel. There is a croc matchbox for flicker. Shader: crok_flicker

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Cool thanks for that

Mimic link a copy of the 2d transform and feed a shape you can track, feed that output to a gmaskTracer or action and track it, use the resulting curves to drive your flicker.

Convoluted? Yes.


Here’s a generic noise function you can use with expressions. You should create a “Variables” matchbox in action or batch. I’ll write it as the whole expression is inside an action node:

your_channel = noise ( frame / Variables1.Variables.var01 ) * Variables1.Variables.var02 + Variables1.Variables.var03

Variables1.Variables.var01 = Frequency. A value of 25 -30 makes the result fluctuate about once per second (in PAL)
Variables1.Variables.var02 = Amplitude. Since the noise function returns values between -1 and +1 we want to multiply this value to get to our intended range
Variables1.Variables.var03 = Offset. Some parameters require positive values, like transparency so we need to offset the noise value.

You can also create a noise function for a vector, like position, rotation, scale, RGB…

your_vector_channel = noise3 ( frame / Variables1.Variables.var01 ) * Variables1.Variables.var02 + (Variables1.Variables.position01*Variables1.Variables.var04)

The offset value here has to be a vector, so the position variable is used here, and to amplify its effect I multiply it with var04.

Unfortunately the names of the parameters in the Variable matchbox are a bit long and you need to be careful…


Here are some janky ideas. You could always slave (w-click) the 2D transform to another 2D transform and pipe a tracking texture though it to get some the numbers data applicable to the camera shake generator. Or use that slaved 2D transform that has texture that you use the luminance to drive the CC node or add/screen on a comp node.

Ivar made a little MX for me that might be handy for this, to my very specific needs with 3D cameras in action. Let me try to find it - he never published it publicly.