Shot on iPhone

Ok so i have been investigating the claims that this was all shot on a iPhone

I mean i generally believe them - but -
The first sequence from 0:00 to about 1min 40s

That does not look like iPhone footage, or at the very they used external lenses? what do you think?

Point 1)
The Intro sequence has every 4th and 5th frame doubled, leading me to believe it was shot at 24(or 23.976) , the rest of the film does NOT have that so it seems to be running at 30(29.97) , why would you do this? sounds like this was a completely different shoot/Unit everything…

The DOF is insane if thats post-work, that would have been ridicolous, all the roto, and i cant find a single little tiny issue with edges even on hair, found some cleanup masks sliding issues here and there but nothing that would give away post added DOF. So maybe external lenses,… but then it just looks too good.

there is a making- off and some images that they made public, none of the making off or bts shots show any of the intro shots. they are completely missing from any BTS stuff.

the endcard reads “This event was shot on iPhone and edited on Mac”
"All presenters, locations and drone footage shot on iPhone 15 Pro max "

Could the intro sequence just not be part of “this event” ? clever phrasing?


Yeah I think it’s a bit of an embellishment. The front end DoF is way too rich and clean. AI depth couldn’t do that. Maybe roto with clean plates? No way, right?

Then it really changes when it goes to Tim Cook land. The small sensor look abounds.

someone confirmed to be that the intro is shot on Alexa35 its a seperate video.

I think thats shady af.


What? Marketing manipulated us??
Wait, isn’t that what we do every day?


Exactly. Kinda like film marketing – “No CGI” and “All Practical VFX”. :melting_face:
Then the credits roll for 10 minutes, full of CGI artists.

Had a similar mixed camera color job with iPhone + Alexa. Client said the colors are matching overall, but that the iPhone still looks a bit different. Without going into the whole circle of confusion discussion – “Yep. That’s the small camera, small lens, small sensor look.” The production tries make it look more professional; but it’s still only a few steps away from UGC.