FP 2021 Action light info into FA 2019 project?

Does anyone know a way to get FP 2021 action light info from a clip into an FA 2019 project? As an archive wont work because an older version cant open a newer archive. Any tricks or this one?

write down the info on a piece of paper then type it in on the older one. I don’t think any way of going backwards besides the old paper method.


I haven’t tried it in a while, but if you duplicate out your light, bake the channels you want to export, select them in the animation window and save from action with raw selected, it used to output tab-delimited text files so in theory you could import that into a newer release.

Does fbx/abc io not support lights in 2019? If it does there’s a possible solution. Again, don’t know for sure if it’ll work but worth trying.