FrameIO & Flame

Hi Everybody,

I’ve been working on some scripts for our team and thought I’d share them now that they are working well for us. Once the scripts are working, you can:

  • upload to FrameIO w/out leaving Flame.

  • automatically version stack when uploading.

  • automatically create FrameIO projects based on the nickname of your project.

  • retrieve comments directly from FrameIO without having to download a csv.

I’ve also made an update to the FrameIO .csv script that @andymilkis started. That being said, there’s a lot of legwork that needs to be done in order to get the scripts up and running. There are 14 required steps and 3 optional ones. It’s all pretty easy, but will take an hour or two. I believe you also need an Enterprise FrameIO Account. We’ve tested it in 2023.2. If you’re still interested, I have more info, scripts, and required modules here.

Let me know here if you all have any questions.


Wow! Thanks so much, John!


You’ve done some serious homework there. Thanks @john-geehreng


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