Frame IO to Flame

Just curious if anyone has advice on the best way to get comments from Frame IO into Flame.

The best way I’ve found so far is via Premiere. I log into the account from Premiere with the FIO plugin and the comments flow into a timeline. I then export out an AAF which translates the comments to markers in Flame. It’s a bit of a kluge, and I’m all ears if someone has a more efficient way to ingest comments…



Ooo I like this idea :smiley:

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Nah. I wasn’t even aware that this was an option.

Maybe Flame needs it’s own plug-in. Who are these young upstarts :wink:


I love using this functionality in Resolve. I hope one day we’ll see something in Flame to support comments.

FYI and if anyone knows of another way to get the comments into Flame, here is a screen shot from that upstart company Richard was talking about.

The different file formats it currently supports. Can Python help in this area?

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Thanks, John! None of those actually help! Sadly, I’ve tried. Although, I really like the Print function - you can make a pdf with thumbnails and the comments…

@PlaceYourBetts is onto the right idea. Although their FCP and Premiere plugins function like browsers-within-the-app and if you’re in a secure environment, it wont connect. But I’d totally take that. Even the two step process of downloading one of their formats and importing directly to Flame would be such a giant leap forward.

In an ideal world the notes would come across as Segment Markers which could travel with the shot as reference to whomever is doing that work… but maybe that’s hoping for too much.

I remember getting all excited when Flame 2018 had the new Markers view.
You can see all of your markers in a list. Search and modify and then export an XML. I was importing that into a spreadsheet and giving notes over to producers.

Maybe a feature request needs to be registered to enable an XML to be imported and added to your markers.

I’ll certainly vote on that.


I wrote a python script that imports a .csv and turns it into timeline markers. It’s been over a year since I’ve used it but let me see if I can get the .csv to work. (5.1 KB)

OK. I got it to work!

Put the file in /opt/Autodesk/shared python
The CSV has to have two columns. First one is TC and second is comments No labels at the top (you can see it in the csv)


Fuckyeah! Somebody get that man a beer!

Thanks, Andy! That is awesome.



Fantastic @andymilkis

Did you know that when Resolve connects to that the comments go both ways live. I think it’s because they use the API. Here is the dev info re API.

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Hey Andy, will this work in 2021.2? I’m new to using the python stuff :slight_smile:

Yes ma’am! I tested it out on 2021.2.1

Hey Andy, do you know if this works in 2022? I tried but can’t seem to get it to work/show up.

Morning Hardave. I probably missed commenting out a print command. Lemme take a look…

Hey @Hardave, that was it. I changed the script and replaced the .zip file in this thread. Take a look and see if that works for you in 2022.

Just tried it. Still doesn’t show up when I drop it in shared/python folder. Restarted Flame and rescanned python hooks and still doesn’t show up

Are you right-clicking on a clip or sequence? It’s set to only show up when you click on one of those. I’m around for a zoom if you wanna do a screen share.

OK will DM you a zoom link

@Hardave , is there a .py AND a .pyc file in your python folder? If there’s no .pyc folder, then something is perhaps keeping it from compiling and launching via a shell will give you a clue as to what’s holding up the compile.