Exporting single frames with Python :)

Hi All,

Back in September 2020, I posted a Flame capsule on how to export single frames in Flame.

This was fine but the subject came up on Logik Facebook again.

This time, I have an even faster way with Python scripts. Even better that a python example script is included with the Flame installation.

To set it up (only have to do this once)

  • copy the python script ( export_current_frame.py ) from /opt/Autodesk//python_examples/ to /opt/Autodesk/shared/python

  • The current setting is set to export JPGs but you could edit the script to export PNGs for example.

  • Launch Flame

To use the script…

STEP 1: Go to the MediaHUB and navigate to a directory/folder that you want as your save destination for the single frame exports. (if you don’t, the files are exported to var/tmp)

STEP 2: In the timeline, navigate to the frame you want to export.

STEP 3: Right-click on the player or clip (not the segment) and you will see a menu called EXAMPLES/EXPORT - EXPORT CURRENT FRAME — choose that option

JOB DONE!!! Go to the MediaHub and your frames will be in that directory.

PS: Someone could modify the script to launch a file browser as part of the export so you don’t have to choose your destination before the export but I’ll leave it to the clever folks ! :slight_smile:

Here is a quick video to show how it works.


I find the script in /opt/Autodesk/flame_2022/python_examples.

And this is really great.

Update: This gets even better. You can park a reel full of clips on their first frame of slate, select them all in the media panel then right click to the on one of those clips in the media panel and send all of the slates to export in seconds.


Has to be quicker than me using the kcapture program on Linux. I’ll take a look.
Thanks @La_Flame

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It’s awesome. It’s even layer independent. Park anywhere both horizontally and vertically and it exports exactly what you see. Even an unrendered (it renders it first) BFX. I’m makin’ a hotkey for this one.


It must be a new addition for 2021 onward.
I am running 2020.3.1 and I have no such example script :disappointed:

Something to look forward to though.

Now let me take another hard look at trying to install ML Time-warp without breaking the machine :wink:

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