Frame IO integration in flame

I would love to see Frame IO integration in flame. I guess it won’t happen because of f track!


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Adobe bought them. Look at what they’re already doing to Substance. is going to be dead outside of Premiere/AE in a year or two.

Yeah my thoughts exactly! What a shame.

Dropbox has basic Frame IO capabilities now, marking up frames etc. I’m a heavy dropbox user, so really chuffed about that.

hBomb42 –

As I don’t use standalone Substance, I’m curious as to how Adobe has messed that up.

Separately, as a heavy (and extremely pleased) user of, the day the press release came out that sold out to Adobe I knew that it was a matter of a year or so before Adobe would make crushingly unusable.

Time to move to MASV?

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Yes it’s really sad they sold out to adobe. Will have to look elsewhere.

Will Haris might be able to help us now :slight_smile:

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Wait what what what?

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Do we really think Adobe is going to be interested in serving the worlds most niche vfx application?


After Effects is weird, but I don’t think it’s the most niche. And no, I don’t think Adobe has much interest in serving After Effects.


I was talking about Flame. :slight_smile:

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So has will Harris jumped ship?

The joke was Adobe is as disinterested in their own software as they are in Flame.

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Yeah, he posted a goodbye on here a few weeks back.

Same joke different direction. :-).

Having a chat to someone called Sam from today.

Talking about new features no doubt. I’ll ask about flame intergration.

Since I have never used the intergration with other software. What is it that it does?

Does it bring in all of the client comments and put markers on the timeline?

I have been using it for a year now within Resolve.

  • Upload clips directly to
  • Import clips (and other assets) directly from
  • Comments (including annotations) are automatically synched… in both directions.
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