Frame IO integration in flame

I would love to see Frame IO integration in flame. I guess it won’t happen because of f track!


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Adobe bought them. Look at what they’re already doing to Substance. is going to be dead outside of Premiere/AE in a year or two.

Yeah my thoughts exactly! What a shame.

Dropbox has basic Frame IO capabilities now, marking up frames etc. I’m a heavy dropbox user, so really chuffed about that.

Yes it’s really sad they sold out to adobe. Will have to look elsewhere.

Will Haris might be able to help us now :slight_smile:

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Wait what what what?

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Do we really think Adobe is going to be interested in serving the worlds most niche vfx application?


After Effects is weird, but I don’t think it’s the most niche. And no, I don’t think Adobe has much interest in serving After Effects.


I was talking about Flame. :slight_smile:

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So has will Harris jumped ship?

The joke was Adobe is as disinterested in their own software as they are in Flame.

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Yeah, he posted a goodbye on here a few weeks back.

Same joke different direction. :-).

Having a chat to someone called Sam from today.

Talking about new features no doubt. I’ll ask about flame intergration.

Since I have never used the intergration with other software. What is it that it does?

Does it bring in all of the client comments and put markers on the timeline?

I have been using it for a year now within Resolve.

  • Upload clips directly to
  • Import clips (and other assets) directly from
  • Comments (including annotations) are automatically synched… in both directions.
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The answer was:

lots of integrations, none for flame or nuke or maya or houdini. but, inbuilt to resolve