Freefly Systems Wave High Speed Camera

Anybody have any experience with this camera?

I’m suspicious of the specs stating it’s “lightly compressed RGB”. No real color science is mentioned anywhere either.

Would you use this camera for a high speed green screen shoot?

I just saw footage from this one yesterday. There were noticeable artifacting issues in the blue channel in the footage we had. I don’t know if that was due to camera limitations or operator limitations though. We were looking at very odd looking noisy edges on bright colours. It looked like a very noisy key, but it was just the way the footage was captured. I’d have to see more of it to give it a fair assessment, but based on these few clips I’d stay far away.

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Short answer: No
I rented my laptop to a production company trying to transfer its files couple of years back. My clouded memory says the image was compressed and there was no real color space info, as far as I can remember.

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I saw it mention that there is no RAW output over HDMI and the fact that you need software to transcode it into something usable, I wonder if it is shooting some custom 10bit RAW? Doesn’t explain why they mention 10bit RGB though and 10bit RAW would not give you a whole lot of confidence in getting what you need out of it.

I did a TVC over a decade ago where they shot with some new scientific slow motion camera. Dealing with the pulsing light was a nightmare!! You’d want to check that out too.