Gamut Compressor

Making a new post explicitly for this subject. Searched around and found a gamut compressor matchbox created by Jed Smith in Canadia. Tested and it works. I’m not quite sure what the method and color space toggles actually mean but they seem to affect the roll off. The hexagonal button seems to clamp luma. Matchbox & nuke scripts available here:


Nice find, thanks for sharing.

I wonder if Mr Smith would be open to adding the matchbox to the Logik set?

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Anybody know him?

Not me. His linked in page is in the bio of GitHub.

I just friend-requested him and asked.

By the way, in my tests I found it better to apply this on a 16bit timeline above the linear to rec or 1886 lut.

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UPDATE: Jed said we can put his shader up on Logik. He also said the ACES people adopted it and changed a few things, specifically:

  • inverted the threshold parameter so it controls amount of the core gamut to protect instead of amount of the core gamut to affect.
  • set defaults for threshold to protect colorchecker24 hues in acescg

ACES version

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This is pretty exciting!! I’ve been hoping for some kind of gamut compressor for a while now!

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