Mark Doney md_ColorTuner Matchbox

Hi logik folks !

Years ago Joel Osis introduce on youtube a color tuner matchbox developed Mark Doney’s. This matchbox is reallyyyy cool !
Sadly Mark died and part of his heritage is lost.

Today I’m launching a call to know if someone can share this matchbox to the community or maybe someone have an idea of the math behind and could be able te recreate this ?

I’m not doing any dev but i think this matchbox can be usefull for many people.

The video :

The matchbox website :

Previous discussion :

I have all Marks shaders. I was subscribed to him, and I’ve let that subscription continue to help out Grace, his wife. I could potentially share any of them, I’m just not sure what the ethics of doing so are?

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Good question. There are two variables - technically IP ownership lies with the author of the code (or any of its legal descendants). The other is what license the shaders were published under originally.

My suggestion is to ask his wife if you know how to contact her. She may know what the status/purpose of the ongoing subscription is, and she may or may not be willing to make them available to the Logik community in memory of. See Randy’s note below for helpful context.

Please do not contact anyone. Several years ago several of us that knew him well tried and were unsuccessful for a variety of complex and personal reasons.


I understand that this is indeed a complex situation. I genuinely wish I could contribute by paying for those matchbox shaders and, in turn, support Mark’s wife. However with those details, it appears that finding a solution is quite impossible.

In my experience i paid for 1 but never got it. I also had no response following it up.

I think everything other than the front page is defunct. I tried logging in which did not work.

I also just tried to purchase the Colour tuner matchbox,
I tried to purchase the shader before i read this post. I realise now that i am not going to be successful but still hope that my money finds its way to his family.

Same here…

I didn’t get the Matchbox but paid for it.
Anyone could DM me with a way to get the md_Color_tuner Shader (i’ll prove i paid).

Thank you