Get list of local and remote host projects name

does anybody know how to get a list of the projects name in the current machine (local) and on other remote host?
I only found ways to get attributes and value within the current project.
I would like, in the end… to build some sort of repo/document that shows the list of the projects currently in the various host in order to keep track of the situation and schedule archives.


I could be wrong but I don’t think you can get the names of other projects through flame commands. Although you might be able to get what you want by getting a list of directories in /opt/Autodesk/project on each machine.


I thought of that but i wouldn’t get a clear/correct list.
My dir /opt/Autodesk/project is full with “old” project.
This seems to be happening when i open project of a remote host machine. It creates the project dir structure also on the local machine, but when the remote project is archived it does not remove them.
I manually remove them from time to time, but is not ideal.
Having a way to get the current list of all the project in the network could be also useful to move the “stuck” project from every machine.
Something like… if is present in any machine than do nothing… otherwise, change name or move it somewhere before deleting it.

Fairly certain you’ll have to look into the projects.db on each machine. We do this for a similar purpose without any issues.

Ah yea! I totally forgot about that file. That will definitely get you what you need.

Thanks guys, i’ll look into that!

We have an automated archive script that adds a project to the cron job when the user hits Ctrl-S twice while a current project is open. We opted for twice because there is at least one autosave when you first open (or exit) a project.

I’ve written a tool exactly for this purpose a while ago. You can add different machines on your network and it will show you a list of the projects and which machine uses this project.
It does some more things and also solves the problem of how projects are detected reliably (since the project will be listed once you open it from another host).
I will try to make it available in the near future.

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Hi Andy, sorry but i didn’t quite understand what you wrote. I’m not familiar with the cron job.
Thanks claussteinmassl, that would be interesting to have a look at it.