Project no more listed, on a weekend

After an issue with an almost filled Framestore, the project is no longer visible… after adding and removing other frame stores, the project is no more listed… even if it is still visible on : /opt/Autodesk/project/


Chadi, very sorry to hear this. I can’t think of a remedy, but I would get a support person right away if possible.
@Jack ?

You probably know this already, but depending on how complex and large your project is, you could try to manually rebuild using the ASCII Batch setups which still exist in your OS file structure. Of course you’d need to bring back in your source clips, etc…

Thanks Greg
I will try to rebuild the batches from the OS manually, but there are around 60 of them :)))

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I feel your pain, I went through this recently, filled my system drive and lost several setups.

Send me an email

sorry Jack, I just saw your message, in between, I grabbed the batches I found on opt and built again my project, painful but I didn’t find a solution by then… I still miss some batches, and for some reason they are no longer in the /opt/Autodesk/project/@@@@/batch/flame
Thanks for the help

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